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Stingray    8/12

Vodka, house made blend of raspberry & lime juice, soda

Peach Iced Tea    8/12

If Arnold Palmer were English: Earl grey infused vodka & peach schnapps, lemon simple syrup, soda

Mango Moscow Mule   11/16

Ciroc Mango, triple sec, mint, lime juice, ginger beer

Sour Patch Kid    10/15

Blue Ciroc, Cointreau, hibiscus rose syrup, lemon, soda

Cucumber Smash    13

Prairie Cucumber vodka, mint, lime, soda

Thug Juice    15

Hennessy, Amaretto, lemon syrup, honey bitters

Naked & Famous    10/14

Tito's vodka, strawberry puree, Cointreau, soda


Super Shaft     9/14

The perfect pick me up: Kahlua, Vanilla Stoli, 3x brewed vanilla coffee, Carolans Irish Cream


Rich Flex    16

Bumbu rum, Galliano, lemon juice, simple syrup, egg whites

Spritz Yourself    14

Raspberry Stoli, Italia Apertivo, lemon simple syrup, topped with soda

Deadmans Mojito    10/15

Deadmans passionfruit rum, Triple sec, lime juice, mint, topped with soda

Honey Badger    10/15

Honeydew melon ciroc, Blue curacao, lemon juice, simple syrup, topped with soda


Strawberry Fields    14

Bacardi White, strawberry puree, Cointreau, lime, champagne

Empress Sour    15

Empress gin, lillet, lemon juice, simple syrup, egg whites

Espresso Martini    13

Stoli Vanilla Vodka, Kahlua, triple brewed cold vanilla coffee

DirTay Gin Martini    14

Extra dirty gin martini, extra olives


Classic Martini    15

Your choice of Vodka or Gin, dry vermouth rinse. Shaken or stirred.


Old Fashioned    16

Bulliet Bourbon, sugar, bitters, orange


Boulavardier    13

Old Grand-Dad, Campari, Sweet



Negroni    13

Gin, Campari, Sweet vermouth.

Vesper    13

Vodka, Gin, Lillet Blanc.

Manhattan    14

Lot40 Rye, Sweet Vermouth,



Whiskey Sour    14.5

Old Grand-Dad, fresh squeezed lemon juice, simple sugar, egg whites. Add Red wine float to 

make it a NY Sour +1


God Father    12

Scotch, Dissarono.


Vodka & Redbull    12.5/16.5

A classic that needs no description. Choose from regular, sugar-free, seasonal, or tropical red bull!

Upgrade to a premium spirit.  

Bulliet Bourbon +2 / Buffalo Trace +3 / Tanqueray +2 / The Botanist +3 / Ketal One +2 / Grey Goose +3


On Tap

Phillips Lager     8

Big Bear Honey Brown Ale     8
Phillips Bluebuck     8

Phillips Freeride Hazy IPA     8

Phillips Dinosour     8
Steamworks Flagship     8

Twin Sails Dat Juice    8

Lighthouse Coffee Lager    8

By the Bottle

Coors Light    8

Budweiser      8

Heinekin        8.5

Corona           8.5
Guiness.         9 


Strongbow Dry Apple    9

Somersby Apple     9

Okanagan Pear    7

Shaft Jr.     5.5
Very Naked & Famous     5.5


Triple brewed vanilla coffee topped with vanilla almond creamer.

Strawberry puree, lime juice, topped with soda.

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