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Wet Flavours

Franks Hot

The classic medium level hot sauce which never disappoints! 


Good ole Val, a medium level hot sauce with the perfect hint of lime


Your favourite chinese dish turned into a wing!

XX Hot

Don't complain after eating some of these, you were warned

3rd Degree Hot

Your tongue is legit on fire, legit.


Our famous peach bbq sauce, fiery & sweet, just like your ex


A BBQ and frank's mix, named after our favourite gorilla - gone too soon but never forgotten

Honey Garlic

A classic for all the honeys out there

Honey Hot

A honey garlic and frank's mix, for all the spicy honeys.


A little sweet with a lot of heat

Sweet Chilli Heat

Tasty as is, or you can kick it up a notch!

Maple Chilli

A Canadian staple on steroids


A classic flavour which needs no introduction


A teriyaki and frank's mix, tangy and spicy

Mango Habanero

A house blend of tropical spice

Secret Buffalo Sauce

Hot, creamy, delicious

Wet Lemon Pepper

A southern favourite, a must try

Dry Flavours


Dry, dusty, and spicy!

Salt & Peppa'

A lil salt and peppa' never hurt nobody


Spices so authentic you'll be saying Opa!

Lemon Pepper

The new sweet and salty; tart and spicy

Taco Style

The obsession with tacos continues!

Dill Pickle

The classic taste of a pickle, but with a whole new crunch

All Dressed

Turning the beloved mysterious chip flavour we all know into a wing!

Jalapeno Lime

Equal parts jalapeno, lime, and perfection

Ranchin' Dry Style

The sauce that got a face lift - powder style

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